Dirt Karts (2003 – 2007)

2005, Australian Titles, 2nd.

2005, Adelaide Club Champion, 1st.

2006, South Australian Titles, 2nd.

2006, Western Australian Titles, 4th.

2006, Northern Territory Titles, 1st.

2006, Adelaide Club Champion, 1st.

2007, South Australian Titles, 3rd.

2007, Northern Territory Titles, 1st.

2007, Western Australian Titles, 1st.

2007, Adelaide Club Champion, 1st.

Above are Todd’s major achievements in Dirt Karts. At a national level Todd has too many to mention. To give a better understanding of how successful Todd was in 2007, Todd raced 36 meetings winning 25 times with 6 seconds, 3 thirds and 2 fourth positions.
Todd used Brown Racing Karts and Engines from the start of 2003 until the end season 2007. The Hazelwood Racing Team highly recommend to use BRK for your Dirt Kart Racing experience.


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